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TherapyNotes® is newly introduced practice management system and is now integrated with AtoZ billing’s system as well. It is specially designed to streamline various aspects of mental health and psychotherapy practices. It comes with a lot of new and most in demand features that helps in managing patient records, scheduling appointments, facilitating telehealth sessions, handling billing, and supporting therapists in maintaining detailed psychotherapy notes.

TherapyNotes is used specially for managing patient records, scheduling, and administrative tasks because of its centralized system. The features included are appointment scheduling, patient demographics, and staff management.

AtoZ billing have chosen this platform as it mainly focuses on the importance of detailed and secure psychotherapy notes. It can help therapists to document the session details, treatment plans, and progress notes. Thus, it helps in maintaining the patient record and organize them accordingly.

It also features new options like creating invoices, submitting insurance claims, and managing payments. Therapy Notes not only streamlines the payment processes but it also incorporates telehealth capabilities. This enables therapists to conduct secure and confidential teletherapy sessions, expanding access to mental health services for both providers and patients.

Another feature of Therapy Notes that is noteworthy is that it supports electronic prescribing (ePrescribe) for medication management. It not only facilitates a secure and efficient way for therapists to electronically send prescriptions to pharmacies. But also helps in enhancing the overall medication management process.

AtoZ billing never compromises over data of patient and your time. Thus, we have chosen Therapy Notes. It is designed to help mental health practices transition to a paperless environment. By digitizing patient records, progress notes, and other documentation, therapists can improve organization, reduce the risk of errors, and contribute to a more efficient workflow. Moreover, it also features Progress Notes Option that keeps details about patients’ progress and methods implemented.

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