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DrChrono is a healthcare technology company that provides a comprehensive platform, including Electronic Health Record (EHR) and practice management solutions, designed to streamline workflows for medical practices. DrChrono offers a cloud-based EHR system that enables healthcare providers to digitize and manage patient health records efficiently. This includes features such as patient charts, medical histories, treatment plans, and progress notes.

The platform includes practice management tools to assist medical practices in organizing and optimizing administrative workflows. This involves features like appointment scheduling, billing, and task management to enhance overall practice efficiency.

DrChrono provides medical billing functionalities to support revenue cycle management. This includes features such as charge capture, claims submission, and payment tracking. The goal is to minimize billing errors and expedite the reimbursement process.

Recognising the importance of patient engagement, DrChrono includes features for patients to actively participate in their healthcare. This may involve patient portals for appointment scheduling, access to health records, and secure communication with healthcare providers.

In response to the growing demand for telehealth, DrChrono has integrated telehealth capabilities.

DrChrono typically offers customizable templates, allowing healthcare providers to tailor documentation to their specific needs. This adaptability supports diverse medical specialties and individualized patient care.

AtoZ billing makes sure portability is first priority. Thus, it is designed to be accessible on various devices, providing mobility for healthcare professionals who need to access patient information or manage tasks remotely. This flexibility contributes to improved workflow efficiency.

DrChrono often emphasizes integration with third-party applications and services. This includes integrations with medical devices, laboratories, and other healthcare tools to create a connected and interoperable healthcare ecosystem.

Some versions of DrChrono may include a patient check-in kiosk feature. This allows patients to check in electronically, reducing paperwork and improving the efficiency of front-office processes.

DrChrono has been known for its integration with Apple Health, allowing patients to share their health data directly with their healthcare providers. This integration supports a more holistic view of patients’ health.

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