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Welcome to A TO Z

Precise Medical Billing

We offer cost-effective medical billing solutions to optimize revenue of your medical practice. From correct claim submission to denial management, we take care of everything!

We always put the

patients first

We always put the

patients first


Speedy Reimbursements


Timely Reimbursements are What Make Medical Practices More Profitable. We ensure timely Payments and Steady Cash Flow for Your Business

Best Treatment for

healthy life

Best Treatment for

healthy life


Safe & Secure Transmissions


Protecting your patients' sensitive data is our top priority. We'll implement HIPAA compliance to make your practice more secure for the patients.

and physicians

Best Medics, Doctors

and physicians

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A2Z Medical Billing, Coding Services in Michigan MI

We work with Doctors, Physical Therapists and other health Providers. They are the most important clients of ours, we listen and sort their issues out. You will get crystal clear advice with transparency reporting through which you can reduce costs and increase your revenue significantly. Reach us out right now for Professional and FREE billing performance analysis.

At AtoZ, we offer clinical consultants who can assess the performance of your medical office when it comes to coding and billing for all the essential services you provide. We also recommend additional services that could enhance your quality metrics and boost your revenue.


+1 734-418-2537


Less Hassle, More Productivity

We take your privacy seriously and are fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. Our company is dedicated to handling both clean and rejected claims. We have a strict zero-tolerance policy for any issues that may compromise your billing process. Your peace of mind and financial well-being are our top priorities.

Quality Billing Services:

Trustworthy Medical Billing and Coding Services, providing reliable Complex Billing Solutions with Dependable Medical Coding Expertise.

Specialized in Rejected Claims:

Get what is rightly yours whether it is from the major operations or minor surgical issues. You will easily get rejected claims back.

Credentialing, Revalidation, and CAQH Support:

We'll Handle the Details Beyond Quality Care for your Medical Practice, so you may focus more on care providing.

Who we serve:

We are not field-specific. We provide our services to all those people who belong to medical field and are devoting their services.

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A to Z Billings

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Increased Revenue


Customized Reporting

Medical Billing Company USA: Setting the Standard

As a leading medical billing company in the USA, ATOZ Billings sets the standard for reliability and excellence. Our commitment to resolving both clean and rejected claims, coupled with a strict zero-tolerance policy for billing issues, distinguishes us as a trustworthy partner in your revenue management journey.


A2Z Medical Billing Services

At AtoZbillings, doctors, physical therapists, and other healthcare providers are our valued clients. We're not just here to offer services; we're here to listen to your challenges, work closely with you, provide clear and transparent reports, and help boost your revenue while cutting costs.

Call us today for a comprehensive, FREE analysis of your practice's billing performance. Our professionals will help you get focused better on work and leave the worry of billing behind.

As your trusted medical billing and coding consultants in Michigan, we specialize in resolving billing and coding issues, ultimately increasing your cash flow and reducing expenses for both providers and facilities.

Rest assured, we're fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. We take full responsibility for resolving rejected claims, both clean and challenging ones.

Our company proudly adheres to all HIPAA compliance standards. Unlike many billing services that only handle claim submissions and leave rejected claims unresolved, we take pride in effectively resolving both clean and rejected claims. Our zero-tolerance policy underscores our commitment to excellence.

Medical Billing Services

Enhancing Revenue Cycle Management for Physical Therapy Clinics

Effective medical billing services are very important in the dynamic landscape of healthcare. It is important for all financial health of practices, particularly for Physical Therapy Clinics.

At ATOZ Billings, we specialize in providing top-notch services that not only optimize revenue but also ensure seamless operations for our valued clients.

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Excellence

We are committed to delivering the best services through Revenue Cycle Management. Our teams have professional doctors, physical therapists, and various healthcare providers. As a result, they help to streamline coding and billing processes. By providing these comprehensive solutions, we empower your practice to cut costs and significantly boost revenue.


Medical Billing Services:

We also make sure to deliver quality medical billing services. Our cornerstone of billing services is Trust. We know that there are specifically unique challenges that you may encounter as a healthcare provider. So, we are here with tailored solutions that can meet your specific needs. Our dependable medical coding expertise ensures accurate billing, contributing to the overall efficiency of your practice.

Security Risk Assessment and HIPAA Compliance:

There are several things that we have kept as our top priorities, amongst which your data security is the one. We conduct thorough security risk assessments to identify potential vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with HIPAA regulations. We handle all your information and make sure that there is no ambiguity at all.

Primary Care Credentialing:

You can navigate the complex landscape of credentialing. ATOZ Billings takes care of the intricate details beyond quality care for your primary care medical practice. This allows you to focus more on providing exceptional healthcare services while we handle the administrative intricacies.

AR Denial Claims Resolution:

Unresolved denial claims can cause a major drawback. These claims have a significant bottleneck in the revenue cycle. We make sure to focus on resolving both challenging and clean denial claims promptly. With our expertise, you can retrieve what is rightfully yours, whether it pertains to major operations or minor surgical issues.

Serving a Diverse Medical Field:

ATOZ Billings is more diverse and is not field-specific. We extend our services to all individuals within the medical field dedicated to providing healthcare services. Our comprehensive approach ensures that regardless of your medical specialization, our services align with your unique requirements.


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