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Provider Credentialing

Streamline Credentialing with Ease

Let us take care of the paperwork, allowing you to concentrate on patient care. Simplify your credentialing process with ease.


Credentialing & Re-Credentialing Excellence

Our professional team excels in the provider credentialing process, staying updated on industry changes, trends, and payer requirements. At A2Z Billing, we handle credentialing from start to finish, assuming responsibilities typically on your staff, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks.

We manage completion tracking, document collection, the entire credentialing process, application submissions to payers, and promptly address correction requests or additional information needs from payers. For re-credentialing, our dedicated team monitors deadlines, initiates, and completes the process on schedule.

Collaborating with providers, we streamline the initial application, handle organizational tasks like primary source verification and background screening, and coordinate with payers for timely approval and expedited provider onboarding.

Empower Your Practice's Success

From enrollment to medical credentialing, all at a budget-friendly cost! Bid farewell to cash flow issues, data errors, and accidental expirations. It’s the end of your all issues – contact us today for seamless operations and enhanced success.

Our Focus is On Credentialing

Provider credentialing stands as a foundational task, as offering services that cannot be billed is neither feasible nor sustainable for a medical organization.

This process ensures that providers meet the required standards set by the medical organization and its payers, identifying risk factors early to reduce adverse outcomes. Credentialing not only safeguards revenues and limits potential losses but also serves as a powerful tool to enhance public relations, attracting new patients and gaining their trust.

While time-consuming, the benefits of credentialing are manifold—protecting revenues, mitigating risks, and elevating the overall reputation of your practice.

We specialize in credentialing with major providers:

Health Partners
Cigna Health

Focus on Your Main Goals, The Rest is on Us

Many practitioners attempt in-house management of the medical provider credentialing process. However, after evaluating expenses, most discover that outsourcing to A2Z billings is a cost-effective approach.

Outsourcing to our professional team consolidates efforts. While your staff might credential one or two (or perhaps twenty) providers at a time, we can efficiently credential dozens simultaneously every day. This not only saves you money but also allows your staff to focus on more critical tasks, ensuring practice growth.

Let our Credentialing Service take charge of provider credentialing and ongoing maintenance. Our experts understand payer requirements, and actions needed for successful credentialing, and provide monthly updates with complete transparency throughout the process.

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