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Centricity is a healthcare information technology platform developed by GE Healthcare. This platform offers a range of solutions, including Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, Practice Management (PM) tools, and other healthcare IT services. Centricity provides an Electronic Medical Record system designed to digitize and manage patient health records. This includes features such as patient demographics, medical histories, treatment plans, and progress notes.

The platform includes Practice Management tools to assist healthcare providers in efficiently managing their administrative workflows. This involves features like appointment scheduling, resource allocation, and billing to enhance overall practice efficiency.

Centricity allows healthcare organizations to connect and share patient data seamlessly with other healthcare systems. This connectivity supports coordinated care and a more connected healthcare ecosystem.

Centricity offers medical billing functionalities to support revenue cycle management. This includes features such as charge capture, claims submission, and payment tracking, with the aim of optimizing the billing process for healthcare providers.

Recognising the importance of patient engagement, Centricity includes features to involve patients in their healthcare. This may include patient portals for appointment scheduling, access to health records, and secure communication with healthcare providers.
Centricity often integrates with medical imaging systems, allowing for the seamless integration of imaging results into patient records. This is particularly valuable for healthcare providers dealing with diagnostic imaging.

It typically allows for customisation to adapt the system to the unique workflows and requirements of healthcare organizations. This flexibility ensures that the platform aligns with specific specialties and practice needs.

The platform provides analytics and reporting tools to help healthcare organizations track key performance indicators, analyze practice metrics, and make informed decisions to enhance overall practice performance.

Centricity places a strong emphasis on security and compliance with healthcare regulations. Centricity is made to be easy for healthcare workers to use, whether they’re really good with technology or not. This makes it simple for everyone in healthcare organizations to use and get used to.

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